Titel: Fire

Autor: Lily
Kategorie: Nachdenkliches
Sprache: Englisch
Feedback an: mirenithil@yahoo.de

Ignite the Stars


Who keeps me alive? My once ardent heart
Has burnt out stone cold, been ripped from all light
Like fire, like flames, been torn wide apart
By taunting red demons and falling black night

Who keeps me alive? The burning bright sky
Is ending our fortune; where all hells arise
Blazes are blinding my once fiery eye
Devils are laughing, keep numbing our cries

First shining with flames, then fading to grey
Our roads are all leading way back into night
The burning dawn’s hearing our desperate pray
To light soothing candles, incite one last light

A kind of deliverance, for saving we call
But all remains silent – like fire we fall

(c) 2007 by Lily

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