Titel: Darkness falls

Autor: Lily
Kategorie: Shadowpoetry
Sprache: Englisch
Feedback an: mirenithil@yahoo.de

Darkness falls

Moonlight's shining into my room this night
Softly painting pictures on this cold walls
Far away music echoes sadly in my ears
I can't move, can't see, can't feel any more

One last whisper strucks my painful soul
My broken eyes are opening once more
I'm able to see one last smile in front of me
Filling this black room with soft golden shine

Then clouds are killing this last warm light
And beautiful pictures slowly fail to dust
Next to me blue eyes are fillig with tears
But I can't cry, can't touch, can'tů can'tů

I can't speak, can't breathe, can't live
Can't heal her sobbing tears any more
Darkness falls and this cold night takes over me
As it's getting dark in front of my eyes forever

(c) 2004 by Lily

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