Titel: Dream Away

Autor: Lily
Kategorie: Shadowpoetry
Sprache: Englisch
Feedback an: mirenithil@yahoo.de

Dream Away

Come away with me
Into the dark and gloomy night
Where I found you once so long ago

Fly away with me
My love, into the starry skies
Where we found our treasure then

Would you come with me if I asked?
Would you follow me into the wilderness?
Would you do this leap in the dark?

Run away with me
Into the uncertain nowhere
Where lost souls like we are stay

Get away with me
My dear, through dead gardens
To the edge of the world again

Would you erase the pain you caused?
Would you escape from the prison of our times?
Would you jump into this roaring sea?

Pass away with me
Into nothing but the future
Where our lives will end one day

Dream away with me
My light, once upon a time
I thought this vision to be real

You won't erase the pain you caused
Won't do this leap in the dark
Won't jump into this roaring sea
Won't dream away with me

(c) 2004 by Lily

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