Titel: The Enchantress

Autor: Lily
Kategorie: Shadowpoetry
Sprache: Englisch
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The Enchantress

Darkness is falling from winter skies
Roaring clouds are riding the winds
Above frantic seas on a winter's night
Ravens have foreseen the end of all lies

White shaped darkness washed ashore
Shimmering through gloom candle lights
They leave back soulful stars on the beach
As deadly cold waters slowly withdraw

They are dreaming of some long lost days
When their home was the indigo sky above
And didn't care about any time and eternity
In their cold home they left without a trace

Like a whisper in the leafless trees
She is standing on the edge of old cliffs
A white withered rose in her shivering hands
Her mind filled with wisdom that nobody sees

Her silver dress is waving in the wind
Broken heart beating with the pulse of the sea
Tears of sorrow vanish from child blue eyes
Enlighten her face slightly from front to chin

A face like some innocent porcelain doll
Forcible perished by the unnamed disease
That one disease no human may ever heal
But only innocence has to pay the toll

No one noticed the hurt man has done to her
No one saw that she's an heir of enchantress
And no one has ever seen her crying or will
Ever see her cry again, her face in blur

Pearls of Light, leaving the winter's sky
Braces of Silver, silently leaving their home
Failing to besiege her grey life's despair
She is spreading her broken winds to fly

Now the mighty tides are rising again
Call for their place in the course of the world
Call for the land they once endowed life
Knowing they're heart is beating in vain

Wave over wave is floating the sand
Taking the stars to the Ocean's ground
Waves that have caught the fallen skyborn
Dark waters pick up the shore once again

It leaves behind nothing but darkness
After taking away the stars in the sand
Nights lacking light, lives lacking hope
It leaves the one that'll never confess

Taking the enchantress away to the deep
Forever to sleep in her cold silent grave
Forever abducted from her divine cradle
Knowing the truth that nobody would weep

And from dusk to dawn they will lie there
Souls of the Ocean in heaven in death
Peacefully dreaming of their moonlit sky
Their delighted home a place so fair

Full of bliss on these silent winter nights
Born from the sky, buried in the sea
Dreaming of the enchantment of the waves
While darkness is falling from winter skies

(c) 2005 by Lily

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