Titel: Lost in Silence

Autor: Valinja
Kategorie: Shadowpoetry
Sprache: Englisch
Feedback an: valinja@web.de

Lost in Silence

There she stands
On the edge of the wood
In the shade of the forest
Darkness covers her face
And her haunting shape

No one can see her sad eyes
The tears she shed
As she gazes into the distance
And reminds herself
Of the ocean behind the horizon

Once she was there
In the deep water of the sea
In the bed of the ocean
Once she was glad
But these times are gone

No one will ever hear her sing
The gentle sound of her voice
Lorn for the rest of time
Lost in the depth of the sea
Hope to recovery is in vain

She remembers the moment
She gave it away
A sacrifice for her love
A love that wasn't answered
Her heart broke into pieces

Now she is here
Alone in a foreign land
Nothing will ever lighten her heart
Time won't heal the pain
Nor will it banish the sorrow

It is her fate to stay
Far away from home
She has no chance to return
No chance for all eternity
Only death will unban her

(c) by Valinja

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